We Believe in

Harmonizing the body and

Bodyology believes in the transformative power of therapeutic massage to harmonize the body and mind, fostering a state of balanced well-being.

Hey, I'm Mai

CEO & Founder of Bodyology therapeutic massage

Mai sims
CEO & Founder of Bodyology Therapeutic Massage

About the Founder

I launched Bodyology Therapeutic Massage in 2019, inspired to create a client-centric therapeutic massage practice after identifying a gap in the industry. My journey began with my graduation from the National Holistic Institute in Studio City in 2014, and it was during my early career experiences that I recognized the need for a more personalized and caring approach to massage therapy. This realization was pivotal, shaping the ethos of Bodyology.

Over a decade in the massage industry has reinforced my belief in the power of a nurturing environment for both clients and therapists. At Bodyology, we embrace transparency and simplicity, moving away from the complexity of memberships and hidden fees. Our focus is on providing therapeutic massages that genuinely prioritize your well-being.

Understanding that the health and happiness of our therapists directly impact the quality of service, we prioritize a supportive atmosphere. This commitment is the essence of Bodyology. I warmly invite you to discover the difference at Bodyology Therapeutic Massage, where we offer professional expertise and compassionate care, making relaxation and healing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.