Cancellation Policy

Less than a 24 hours notice of cancellation will require a 50% charge of the chosen service Less than a 12 hours notice of cancellation or a no show will require 100% charge of the chosen service Credit Card information from clients will be captured at the time of booking to ensure our ability to be able to charge for missed appointments. Clients that no show or last minute cancel their membership massage will lose that massage. We understand that life happens and will treat each cancellation within 24 hours according to the individual circumstances. Please note that continued rescheduling and cancellations will not have the option to make future appointments and will have to look for same day availability.

Client Conduct Policy

No inappropriate conduct will be tolerated. This includes any sexual misconduct or anything that could be misconstrued as such. The therapist has the right to end the session at any time if they are uncomfortable. Payment will be processed in full and you will not be allowed to return to Bodyology Therapeutic Massage. Legal action may be considered.